The Farmer’s Dog Review: Is it Perfect Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service?

In this article, we have mentioned the frank & unbiased reviews with the help of our experts and by actually trying out the food with Bruno(a Golden Retriever) and his doggo friends.

As a dog parent, it is important to analyze your pet’s nutritional needs for their overall health and development. With a range of commercially available pet foods in the market, it is difficult to choose what might suit your canine best.

Also, ordering and refilling their food each time you run out of stock can get painstaking. So how about relying on a fresh dog food delivery service? That’s how Farmer’s Dog comes to the rescue and we show you how.

The Farmer’s Dog Food Reviews of 2020

The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food brand that formulates food for canines with unconditional love and utmost care. A majority of dog health concerns comes through their bowl. It becomes very important to note the quality and quantity you feed your pooch. Farmer’s Dog takes care of it all, making it simple for you and your four-legged friend.

Fresh and Nutritious Farmer's Dog Food

After immense research carried out by vet nutritionists and pet experts, The Farmer’s Dog has curated fresh food for dogs which is delivered right at your doorstep. Guided by Science and driven with love, this meal delivery service promises visible results and doggy satisfaction to the fullest.


So what makes Farmer’s Dog an appealing dog food dispatch service? Here is a list of features that answers it all for you.

  • A nutritious meal for your pooch fulfilling AAFCO guidelines.
  • Recipes developed by ACVN board-certified nutritionists.
  • Human Grade quality ingredients that are USDA approved.
  • Freshly prepared food with a short shelf life to retain nutrition, taste, and quality.
  • Allows customizations as per your dog’s specifications including age, weight, activity levels and other unique characteristics.
  • Grain-free meals.
  • Individually packed portion-wise meals with your dog’s name and date of preparing the food.
  • Convenient subscription plans and deliveries at your convenience.


Farmer’s Dog offers a range of 3 Lip Smacking recipes, each filled with nutrients and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Blend. Your dog is sure to love it.

Farmer's Dog Range of Recipes

Given below is a list of ingredients used in preparing healthy and tasty recipes for your pooch.

Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato
Beef Liver
Pork Liver
Green Beans
Fish Oil
Sunflower Seeds
Farmer's Dog Nutrient Blend
Fish Oil
Fish Oil
Farmer's Dog Nutrient Blend
Farmer's Dog Nutrient Blend

 Your dog’s food just got a step ahead with High Quality Real Fresh Meat, Nutritious Veggies and Healthy Fats

How to Subscribe to Farmer’s Dog Food?

If it’s all new to you and you have never subscribed to dog foods or full-fledged meals before, here’s how it’s done with Farmer’s Dog Delivery Services. Follow these 6 simple steps to subscribe and take a step towards your dog’s health.

Step 1

Start by visiting The Farmer’s Dog website. You can choose your dog’s meal plan by clicking on the ‘Start Today’ option. You are now set to subscribe and select your canine’s meals accordingly.

Step 2

Start filling in the details asked for, on the page. You can provide your email address at the end so that your dog’s details remain saved if you wish to visit the website later.

Dog's details for subscription to Farmer's Dog Food

Step 3

The next page asks for your dog’s details like its age, gender, neutered or spayed, current weight (in lbs) and breed.Dog's specifications to design a yummy Farmer's Dog Meal

They also note the details like your dog’s activity levels, body type, and eating style and habits. Post which, you can fill details about your dog facing any health issues, what type of food does your eat and his frequency of getting treats and scraps.

Farmer's Dog notes your dog's activity levels and health condition

Step 4

As per your dog’s specifications, Farmer’s Dog recommends a range of recipes you can choose as a trial offer. You can deselect the recipe recommendations provided by them as per your dog’s health and taste preferences.

Recipe selection by Farmer's Dog

Each recipe also mentions the number of calories per serving and the list of ingredients present. The calories are calculated portionwise on a daily basis.

Step 5

Proceed to the checkout. Fill in your delivery details. You are then given a detailed summary of your order. They start with a 2-week trial for you to determine which recipe and food type suit your dog’s preferences.

After the trial period is over, you can select your dog’s favorite recipe which will be billed and shipped in every two weeks. You can pause or cancel the subscription anytime.

Step 6

The food is delivered in eco-friendly boxes, and small pre-portioned packages, that are convenient to store and serve. Just open, and pour, it needs no measuring or scooping.

Subscription Packs and Deliveries for Farmer's Dog Food

Note: Since the food is delivered within a few days or preparing, you may need to keep it frozen and thaw before feeding. 

How much does Farmer’s Dog Food cost?

Basic subscription plans start at $2/day. This again depends on your canine’s specifications like size, age, breed, and other health conditions. Since the food is delivered right at your doorstep, you are sure that all your penny is going right into availing the best quality ingredients and is nowhere linked to retail stores or middlemen. You can determine the exact prices for subscription by filling the short questionnaire on your dog and choose accordingly.

Farmer’s Dog is one of the best and highly recommended food delivery services, providing healthy, fresh food to boost your pet’s health and flexible delivery options for your convenience.   

For a basic understanding of the prices, if you have a big-sized dog, weighing around 45-50 lbs irrespective of the breed, it will cost you around $50-$55/week. For a dog weighing approximately 55-65 lbs, it can cost you around $65-$70/week. For small-sized dogs weighing approximately 25lbs, the cost would come up to $30-$35/week.


Now that we have discussed in detail about each recipe offered by Farmer’s Dog, these are the potential benefits of choosing Farmer’s Dog as your pet’s food expert and ultimate meal delivery service.

  • Curated by Experts: Each meal is carefully planned and prepared by ACVN Certified Veterinary Nutritionists to offer the best for your pet.
  • Zero Fillers or Preservatives: The food is prepared and delivered fresh to your doorstep, leaving no scope of adding preservatives. The ingredients are of human-grade USDA quality, making them free of fillers or additives.
  • Grain-free: Certain dogs and pets are allergic to grains and grain protein, and Farmer’s Dog specifically caters to that.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: You can choose to order all food at once or at higher frequencies, for convenience of storage and stocking your dog’s favorite food.
  • Customized Plans: The meals are pre-portioned in delivered in individual packets, giving you the convenience of open and feed. Feeding your dog could not have been more simpler.

Pre Portioned Meals by Farmer's Dog


Although there is no compromise on the quality, one major factor which could be a problem for many buyers is the PRICE. There are traditional dog foods and dog kibbles that are much cheaper in comparison to Farmer’s Dog meal plans.

Secondly, since the food has a lesser shelf life, you may have to increase the frequency of deliveries, else store the food in a freezer and thaw it before use. This can affect the nutrient quality.

Farmer’s dog can offer a greater variety of recipes as they have only 3 recipes to choose from.


With the level of convenience and health benefits the dog meal plans offer, there are bound to be questions raising in your head before you choose Farmer’s Dog to be the ‘ultimate food delivery service’ for your pet. We help you get through a few with our list of FAQs.

1. Can puppies eat Farmer’s Dog Food?

Once your puppy has been weened, they can start consuming Farmer’s Dog Food. This happens within 8-10 weeks although consulting a vet is advisable.

2. Is Farmer’s Dog food recommended for dogs prone to allergies?

This depends on your dog’s overall health and susceptibility to allergies through specific ingredients. If your dog is allergic to any of the ingredients included in Farmer’s Dog, then it is not advisable to feed the same.

Farmer’s Dog does not offer food or food-type variants for allergy-prone dogs and hence the meals may not always be safe for your pet. It is always advisable to consult your vet before starting any new dog food.

3. Can I cook my dog’s food at home?

You certainly can cook your dog’s food at home but homemade recipes may lack crucial ingredients and nutrients which can cause deficiencies in your pet. Nutrient deficiencies are known to cause serious complications and hence food meal plans available online have reliable nutritive content.

If you want to cook your dog’s meal at home, you can subscribe to The Farmer’s Dog DIY program. This program offers pre-mixed nutrient packs prepared by veterinary nutritionists that can be used to make food recipes for your pet. You can check the website for more details.

4. Does Farmer’s Dog food require refrigeration?

Since Farmer’s Dog does not use any preservatives and the food is delivered fresh, the food will require refrigeration. You can refrigerate normally or freeze it and serve it warm or cold. Thaw it for a few hours or gently heat in a microwave before serving your pet. You can also refer to the guide that comes with every ‘first time delivery’.

5. What are the benefits of feeding Farmer’s Dog Food to your pet?

Farmer’s Dog Food promises to boost your dog’s health with better digestion, stronger immunity, healthy skin coat, increased vitality, and overall improved health. It is specially curated by veterinary nutritionists and is fresh and healthy, containing all vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs.

The meals are pre-made and available in ‘ready to serve packs’ with appropriate calorific values. The deliveries arrive in eco-friendly boxes and are perfectly timed, you will never run out of stock.

6. How do the shipments and deliveries for Farmer’s Dog Food work?

Farmer’s Dog delivers to 48 contiguous states and is expanding. The meal plans are designed such, customers receive freshly prepared dog food on a timely basis in convenient serving packs. All they have to do is, tear open and serve.

The food is delivered fresh within a few days of cooking and arrives in refrigerated and environmentally friendly boxes. The deliveries are perfectly timed to make sure you never run out of stocks. You can customize or modify your delivery options as well.

7. Is Farmer’s Dog food delivery service worth the price?

The Farmer’s Dog food is heavy on the pocket but promises good quality for the price. You may not want to order it on a regular basis but splurge on your dog food once in a while. For your Farmer’s Dog meal to last longer, you can mix it with your dog’s regular traditional dog food and enhance its nutritive value.

The Final Note

Farmer’s Dog Food Delivery Service makes your pet’s life healthier and your life simpler. It offers high-quality real meat, with no fillers and no by-products. Apart from chicken meal, they also use human-grade USDA quality fruits and veggies for preparing a balanced meal for your pet. Your dog’s food quality could not get any better. Moreover, the blend of recipes they offer are vet-approved and fulfill AAFCO standards.

Farmer's Dog Food delivered right at your doorstep

They note your dog’s specific details, be it their size, age, activity levels, health conditions, and allergies and recommend fresh food recipes accordingly. Moreover, it uses zero preservatives, so your dog’s food is delivered just within a few days of cooking, right at your doorstep in pre-portioned individual packets. You can visit their website and choose the recipes and plans accordingly.

The nutritious and tasty blend of dog food is bound to make your dog feel active and energized. Although the variety in recipes could have been better and the prices may pinch the pocket, Farmer’s Dog offers quality recipes and ingredients, making it worth every penny.

Opt for a healthy meal option recommended by NomNomNow and let your dog relish his meal without you having to rush to dog stores to choose a fresh and good quality canine food.