NomNomNow Pet Food Review: Is it Best in 2020?

NomNomNow is a pet food subscription and delivery service which caters to the health and dietary needs of your pooches and meows. We have mentioned the frank and unbiased reviews with the help of our experts and pet parents.

Have you ever wondered what goes in your pet’s plate? With commercially available pet foods claiming to provide optimum nutrition to your pet, are they worth the price you pay and the efforts you take to get the best food for your pet? Moreover, retail stores and supermarkets are not very reliable in terms of ‘quality’ and ‘value for money’ for the pet food you purchase.

Just as the way fresh and tasty food is appealing and healthy for us, so should it be for our pets. One such pet food service that handles their nutritional needs just right is NomNomNow.

Nom Nom Reviews: Is the Freshest Food Option for Your Pet?

NomNomNow Fresh Pet Food

NomNomNow majorly focus on providing fortified meals that are fully customizable and reach right at your doorstep.

Additionally, they promise human-grade quality ingredients available at your convenience. Surprisingly, they are not just restricted to food but offer a lot more beyond that for your pet’s overall well being.

Read more to find out what makes NomNomNow the ultimate ‘au pair’ for your pet.


So, why choose NomNomNow? What makes it stand apart from other pet food delivery and subscription services? We help you enlist a few features that will make you consider their food and health services for your beloved.

  • Curates fully customizable, human-grade meals comprising restaurant-quality ingredients
  • Easy and flexible delivery options, right at your doorstep, cancel or modify anytime as per suitability
  • 4 delicious recipes for dogs and 2 delicious recipes for cats to choose from, all made using premium quality meat.
  • 2 tasty flavors available in pet treats
  • Recipes curated as per nutritional levels established by AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles
  • Pre-portioned meals with recyclable packaging, easy to store and serve
  • Sample packs available for trial

BUYER ALERT: If you don’t see a difference within a month of feeding NomNomNow’s healthy recipes, your pet’s next diet is absolutely free. 

Wonder What Goes In?

The recipes available in NomNomNow are developed by Dr.Justin Shmalberg, to make sure that each meal blend is balanced with fresh and wholesome ingredients having predetermined portion sizes for your furry angels.

  • Recipes for Dogs: Beef Mash, Chicken Chow, Pork Potluck, Turkey Fare
  • Recipes for Cats: Chicken Cuisine, Fish Feast
  • Treat Recipes: Beef and Chicken

Tasty Dog Food Recipes by NomNomNow

Wonder what ingredients go into your pet’s tasty recipes? Does your pet meet its daily calorific needs? See the table below and find out.

Below is a list of fresh ingredients that goes into Nom Nom’s doggy recipes

Recipes for your Dog
Calories (Kcal/Kg)
Beef MashBeef, Potatoes, Eggs, Carrots, Peas, Fish Oil
Chicken ChowChicken, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Squash, Spinach, Fish Oil
Pork Potluck Pork, Potatoes, Green Peas, Yellow Squash, Mushrooms, Kale, Fish Oil
Turkey FareTurkey, Eggs, Brown Rice, Carrots, Spinach, Fish Oil

Each recipe for dogs comprises around 8-11% Crude Protein, 5-6% of Crude Fat, 1-2% of Crude Fiber, and 70-80% of moisture. 

Below is a list of fresh ingredients that are included in your kitty’s diet

Recipes for your Cat
Calories (Kcal/Kg)
Chicken CuisineChicken Thigh, Chicken Breast, Salmon, Chicken Liver, Beef Fat, Carrots, Asparagus, Cantaloupe, Spinach
Fish FeastTilapia, Salmon, Beef Fat, Carrots

Each recipe for cats comprises around 18% Crude Protein, 4-6% Crude Fat, 0.5-0.8% Crude Fiber, and 70-75% of Moisture. 

Beyond Pet Food

NomNomNow started as a company manufacturing only dog food but later moved onto developing and launching products that focussed on pet health and rejuvenation. Read more to find out what NomNomNow has been exploring on beyond pet food.

  • Treats

NomNomNow’s delicious treats are sure to keep your pet craving for more. NomNomNow believes in using real and minimal ingredients. Their treats are also made of just a single ingredient, either chicken or beef. The pieces are sliced super thin with a flavorful experience.

Tasty Treats for your pet

These treats are quite recommended once in a while for your pet dog and cat. Although, make sure to cut it into small pieces if your pet is a swift eater.

The chicken jerky and beef jerky treat flavors are gently dehydrated and made of 100% USDA quality chicken breast or beef. It includes natural good quality ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is rich in protein.


The treats are available along with your pet’s meal subscription plan for an extra $15 for a 4 oz pack else you can get them separately from Amazon, approximately at a price range of $13-$15.

If you purchase the treats from NomNomNow’s website, you pay $13 for a 2 oz bag and $20 for a 4oz bag. 

  • Microbiome Kits and Probiotics

It just doesn’t stop at regulating your pet’s food but also their gut health. NomNomNow has introduced this unique product which helps you in keeping your pet’s bowel activities under control.

The microbiome kits work by testing your pet’s stool. You just have to swab a small part of it on the kit. You can follow the instructions given on the kit for a better understanding of performing the analysis.

Keep Your Dog's Gut Healthy with NomNomNow's Microbiome Kit

It is advisable to carry out the test when you change your pet’s diet. A sudden transition from kibble food to fresh food would be a shocker to your pet’s digestive tract. Hence you can track the results before and after feeding fresh pet food.

If after the analysis, you realize your pet is low on healthy bacteria, you can try the range of probiotics offered by NomNomNow for better digestion. Irrespective of your pet’s size or breed, feed 1 scoop a day.


    • Microbiome Kit: $59/kit
    • Probiotic Jar: $45/jar

How to Subscribe

To get started with NomNomNow’s meal subscription plans, you have to create your pet’s profile. The profile includes basic details like their current weight in lbs, age, breed, and target weight. You can also choose the type of meat you want as a protein supplement for your pet.

Choose from a Range of Flavors while subscribing

Note: It is advisable to check the list of ingredients if your pet is prone to allergies and choose accordingly.

After signing up and providing your residential and contact details, you will receive samples within a few days. The sample comprises of 4 meals for less than $15. The samples can help you to determine which flavor suits your pet’s preferences.

The package also comes with a bag of Chicken Jerky Treats for your pet to try. The packages come in insulated boxes with ice packs. The box, insulation and ice pack, all are recyclable. The pre-portioned meal packets are easy to store and feed.

Once you have selected your pet’s favorite flavor, you can opt to have delivery frequencies either weekly, once in two weeks or once in 4 weeks with an appropriately counted number of packed meals so your pet never runs out of food. You can store them in the freezer and thaw or warm them slightly before serving.

How Much Does NomNomNow’s Pet Food Cost?

Subscribing to NomNomNow’s range of pet food gets appealing for the first-time buyer’s as you get a 50% off on your first order. The samples are availed for $14 post which you can choose any flavor and opt for weekly or monthly delivery options. The prices are variable depending upon your pet’s specifications and requirements.

Owner's Delight when you order your pet's first meal from NomNomNow

For small pets, the basic prices start from as low as $17-$25/week. The prices increase based on your pet’s size, weight, and other characteristics. If you order for more than one pet at once, you may have to order in bulk. This can help you avail of better offers and discounts.

If you compare the prices with commercial pet foods, each NomNomNow meal comes up to less then $3. This is a lot costlier than most traditional kibbles which cost you just a few cents per meal. But the quality of food offered is worth spending on for your pet’s health.


What are the potential advantages of feeding your pet with NomNomNow’s range of delicious and flavorful food? Here is a list to answer that for you.

  • Great variety of meals with gluten and grain-free options for pets prone to allergies
  • Home prepared food, non-frozen and preserved
  • Convenient packaging based on ‘one meal per pack’
  • Auto-shipping options available with flexible delivery schedules
  • 1% of sales goes towards pet nutrition research
  • Good customer service and free delivery


While NomNomNow does not compromise on food freshness and quality, you may want to consider the downsides of ordering the same. Read below to know.

  • Heavily priced as compared to other commercially available pet foods but compensable in terms of quality. Although, it is not recommended if you have a fixed budget for your pet’s food
  • Customizations in meals can be done only via calls or emails to NomNomNow and not through their website. This makes it a lengthy process altogether


1. How fresh is the food delivered?

By Fresh Food, it means that NomNomNow delivers meals just a few days after its made. Your food is not preserved or kept for days together. NomNomNow chooses whole food ingredients, prepares meals as per your pet’s specifications and delivers it fresh to your doorstep in environmentally friendly insulated boxes.

2. Can my puppy have NomNomNow pet food?

NomNomNow customizes meals keeping puppies in mind as well. If you correctly enter your pup’s details on their website along with their estimated adult weight, NomNomNow’s algorithms do all the calorie count and food calculation for you.

On subscribing, they will keep sending you your pup’s meals from time to time until their growing years. Just make sure to keep your pup’s weight updated on their website so the calorie calculations and food portions are set accordingly each time.

3. Are NomNomNow meals appropriate for pets with medical issues?

NomNomNow has not come up with prescription diets or food specifically made for pets with particular health conditions but their research team is constantly working on it. The best deal would be to consult your vet as they know your pet’s medical condition and can suggest food accordingly.

4. Are NomNomNow recipes gluten and grain-free?

All NomNomNow recipes are gluten-free and a few recipes are also grain-free (Heartland Beef Mash, Chicken Chow Wow, and Porkalicious Potluck). Even if they comprise of grain, only high-quality grains are used, thereby having minimum chances of causing allergies.

5. Can I mix NomNomNow with home-cooked food for my pet?

Home-cooked food is safer and healthier but may lack one or two essential nutrients that your pet needs for their growth and development. NomNomNow caters to the exact nutritional needs and prepares custom meals as per your dog’s exact nutritive and calorific needs.

You can feed your dog full portions or mix half meals in their home-cooked foods to nourish your doggy’s meals.

6. How do I store my NomNomNow food?

Storing your NomNomNow meals is no hassle. It all depends on how much food you are ordering. Based on the number of packets you have received in vacuum-sealed packs, you can keep a few packs in the refrigerator and freeze the rest of them.

The frozen packs take 48 hours to thaw completely so you can keep transferring stocks from the freezer to the refrigerator. The food will not perish and remain edible for up to 6 months.

Final Note

Preparing meals for your pet while also ensuring they don’t miss out on their nutritive essentials, along with managing your tasks can be quite troublesome and too much to handle at once. Pet food delivery services reduce your efforts to almost half. All you have to do is, sit back, relax and order without having to measure and balance ingredients for your pet.

NomNomNow uses real grade ingredients and prepares human-grade food which is delivered fresh at your doorstep. They also provide flexible delivery options and convenience of serving and storing your pet’s food in ready to serve, preportioned vacuum packs.

With a range of dog and cat food flavors to choose from, along with other products like treats, and health kits and supplements, your pet is bound to have a healthy and balanced life with NomNomNow.