Just Food For Dogs Review: Recipes, Ingredients, & Nutrition Analyzed

After reviewing over 20+ doggy meal brands, we give you an unbiased review of JustFoodForDogs meal plans that promises to deliver life-changing, daily and convenient canine meal options at your doorstep.

How much of the dry dog food that you purchase from retail stores are reliable? Does it promise you ‘just food and nutrition’ or there is a lot more than meets the eye? If all of these questions concern you and your pet, then JustFoodForDogs takes care of all your dog’s food concerns.

JustFoodForDogs Promising More Life More Years and More Health

Promising more life, more years and more love to your pet, JustFoodForDogs can transform your dog’s life and health within two weeks. So what makes JFFD so confident in delivering health and nutrition to your pet at their best? We answer that for you.

JustFoodForDogs Reviews of 2020

As mentioned before, JustFoodForDogs is dedicated to delivering more life, love and more years to your pet. You are bound to see visible and significant results.


Comprising of a team of 14 veterinarians, 5 staff vets, 3 consultants, and 6 meal formulators, the dog food service is sure to curate and deliver custom made meals for your pup’s unique needs.

Handcrafted Dog Food for your Pet to Live Longer, Happier and Healthier

JustFoodForDogs runs with one aspect in mind, to improve the quality of life for as many pets as possible. They are committed to every step in the process, right from meal making, prepping, packaging to consultation.


Let us understand the key features that JustFoodForDogs majorly focusses on for pet health and nourishment.

  • Cooked Fresh

Freshly Cooked Dog Food by JustFoodforDogsCooking and prepping meals happens with the finest quality USDA certified, restaurant-grade meats along with fresh veggies, whole grains and lots of love. Just Food for Dogs have their own cooking facilities and kitchens which assures quality control and commitment to nutrition.

The food is cooked at a minimum temperature to ensure that the nutrients are retained without the risk of food being contaminated.

  • Packaged FrozenFresh packed meals by JustFoodForDogs

JustFoodforDogs is free of artificial fillers or preservatives and follows unique preservation techniques to retain food nutrition and quality. The food is vacuum-sealed and frozen immediately after chilling; this maintains the nutritional integrity of the food.

In comparison foods that come with a multi-year shelf life and are stored in normal conditions, do your pet no good.

  • Delivered Right at Your Doorstep

JustFoodForDogs Delivered right at your doorstep

What’s more appealing than your dog food and dog health supplements being delivered right at your doorstep. With JustFood’s local dog food delivery service, your canine is never to run out of healthy meals, treats, and veterinary supplements.

You can place the orders individually or enroll in delivery programs that best suit your pet. Moreover, if you are not around, the food is delivered in an insulated bag with a frozen gel pack so it remains chilled and fresh for several hours.

  • Personalized Meal Plans

JustFoods offers personalized meal plans

JustFoodForDogs understands your canine’s needs, including when he’s sick. With the help of their well-versed team of nutritionists and veterinarians, they formulate meal plans that cater to the nutritional needs of every type of dog, be it sick, malnourished or healthy.

Although there is a one time cost of $250 for formulating the necessary nutrient blend and customize a suitable meal plan, the diet can be subscribed to and followed for enhancing your pet’s health and meeting its daily dietary requirements.

  • Every Pet is Unique

Recipes formulated as per your pet's unique needs

Canines can face various health issues just like us, be it obesity, digestive disorders, diabetes, pancreatitis, etc. JustFoodForDogs caters to all these issues and suggests meals accordingly.

With their range of USDA certified Human Grade quality ingredients and supplements made in the FDA and cGMP compliant facility, the quality and nourishment are never at a compromise.

  • Customized free consultation

Free vet consultation to formulate specific meal plans

If you have never tried a custom diet for your pet and are not sure how does it go about, JustFoodForDogs offers a free consultation by noting a few of your dog’s details.

After analyzing, Just Food gets back to you with a suggestion, and if a customized formulation is required, then you will be charged a formulation fee. The questionnaire and sharing of your dog’s details are all free of cost.

  • Never stop learning

It is not just them, but also pet parents who need to understand everything about their pooch. JustFoodForDogs believes in imbibing and sharing information that deals with canine nutrition so you analyze and feed your pet ‘Just Right’. You can check their JustLearning section to understand every aspect that is important for dog health and happiness.

Tasty Meals and Ingredients

JustFoodForDogs uses superior human grade and fresh ingredients and is made in transparent and open kitchens, ensuring zero compromises on quality and minus any fillers or adulterants. The fresh whole food formulated by the JustFoodForDogs team of nutritionists and veterinarians is proved to be more digestible than traditional dog foods and doggy kibble.

Apart from the USDA certified Ground Meat that is a part of each unique recipe, here are the most common ingredients that go into JustFoodForDogs delicious recipes:

  • Russet Potatoes: These are rich in potassium and also a great source of dietary fiber, niacin, magnesium, and thiamin. They also contain substantial amounts of Vitamin C and B6. Russet Potatoes are better than white potatoes and help improve gut health.
  • Sweet Potatoes: An excellent source of manganese, beta carotene, dietary fiber and potassium, Sweet potatoes are also rich in Vitamins A, B6, and Vitamin C. Sweet potatoes are known to improve gut health, support cognitive function and enhance the immune system.

Tasty Meals and Ingredients are a part of JustFoods Recipe

  • Carrots: Carrots form a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Potassium and beta-carotene. They are generally known to improve vision and maintain your dog’s dental health.
  • Green beans: Green beans are enriched with Vitamin K, riboflavin, Omega 3 fatty acids dietary fibers and niacin. It keeps your pet feeling full for hours and keeps their calorie count in check.
  • Green Peas: Forming a great source of folate, manganese, magnesium, and thiamin, they are known to possess antioxidant properties that support your dog’s coat, skin and heart health.
  • Apples: Apples are high in antioxidants and fiber, and the best part, gives your dog a fresh food treat.
  • Safflower Oil: Safflower Oil contains the essential omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid. This is known to enhance immunity and manage conditions like weight gain and arthritis in older pets.
  • Omega Plus Fish Oil: The pure, potent and natural supplement provides Omega 3 fatty acids in highly biologically available forms of EPA and DHA. Omega Fish Oil reduces dander and inflammation in pets and promotes a healthy and shiny coat.

Multivitamin and Mineral Blend Just Foods

  • Multivitamin and Mineral Blend: The nutrient blend is formulated in such a way, it meets the NRC RA recommendations. The FDA regulated facilities ensure the sourcing of 100% Human Grade Nutraceuticals. The blend is also available for sale separately.

What makes JFFD’s recipes unique and tasty? We reveal it to you along with a nutrient composition for each recipe in detail.

  • Turkey and Whole Wheat Macaroni

Call this the maintenance meal for your pooch, the Turkey and Whole Wheat Macaroni Recipe is a simple, healthy and completely balanced formulation for dogs of adult life stages. The food does not contain any preservatives and is recommended for healthy and active dogs as it possesses high caloric levels.

The blend offers moderate levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Although, the pasta can get a little difficult for your dog to chew onto.Turkey and Whole Wheat Macaroni by JustFoods

The food is lightly cooked to maintain the nutrients and is frozen fresh. Ground Turkey is 100% USDA certified and the food is BHA and BHT free with no artificial coloring. The packaging is also of BPA free safe material.

Price: This recipe is quite good in terms of value for money. An 18oz bag can cost you around $5.95 whereas a 72 oz bag can cost you about $22.45. 

  • Chicken and White Rice

This whole dog food recipe is gluten-free and grain-free, making it safe for dogs prone to allergies. It is also good for canines who possess a sensitive stomach and have tendencies to get obese quickly.

The chicken and white rice recipe looks quite appealing with a range of fresh foods and veggies along with a blend of easy to digest rice and ground chicken. The recipe has moderate protein levels.

Chicken and White Rice Recipe by JustFoods

The meal specifically comprises of 100% USDA certified Chicken Thighs, Liver and Gizzard. There are no growth hormones, no artificial fillers or preservatives as well as no artificial coloring.

The whole rice is sourced and grown in USA fields and facilities, thereby ensuring premium quality. The blend is ideal for growing pups and adult dogs too.

Price: The one meal fits all, this recipe can cost you around $6.95 for an 18oz bag. A 72 oz bag would cost you around $24.95. 

  • Lamb and Brown Rice

One of the tastiest blends from the range of flavors offered by JustFoodForDogs, this recipe is cooked ‘Just Right’ at low temperatures in their small and open kitchens in Southern California. This is specifically done to maintain nutrient quality. The recipe is gluten-free and rich in calories.

Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe by JustFoodforDogs

The Ground Lamb is 100% USDA Certified and it also has lamb liver present. This recipe blend is quite apt for lean and adult dogs as lamb has high amounts of fat with moderate protein content. The low protein is good for dogs prone to allergies and those who have sensitive stomachs.

The lamb and brown rice blend is free of BHA and BHT, with no artificial colors and preservatives. The rice is sourced from the finest fields of Arkansas.

Price: This high fat low protein diet can cost you around $8.45 for 18oz and $30.95 for a 72 oz bag. 

  • Beef and Russet Potato

For those pets who are on a weight gaining spree, this recipe is ideal for them. The recipe blend is not only grain and gluten-free but also has the highest amount of fat as they use ”lean” ground beef. It has a good amount of calories and comprises of 100% USDA Certified Beef and Beef liver.Beef and Russet Potato Recipe

The blend does not have any artificial fillers, additives or growth hormones. Moreover, it does not even contain LFBT, better known as the ‘pink slime’ from beef. It serves as a great alternative to fresh-frozen meals.

Price: This perfect weight gain formula costs around $7.95 for an 18oz bag and $28.45 for a 72oz bag. 

  • Fish and Sweet Potato

Cooked light and frozen fresh, this whole dog food is ideal for feeding puppies as well as adult dogs. The food is prepared in small batches in their USDA approved kitchens. This recipe is specifically recommended for dogs or puppies with suspected gluten and grain allergies and for those who need to keep their weight in check.

Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe by JustFoods

It also helps manage skin issues and rashes. The diet has quite less number of calories and is a great option for dogs allergic to poultry or red meat.

To top it all, the diet has been clinically tested and has been shown effective for weight loss and weight management through independent research conducted by Cal Poly Pomona University. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Price: This weight management diet costs $6.95 for an 18oz pack and $24.95 for a 72oz pack.  

  • Venison and Squash

Quite the low-calorie meal that it makes, Venison is a rendered meat concentrate that is rich in protein and is a part of most commercial dog foods. It majorly forms a part of raw food diets too.

The blend offered by JustFoodForDogs is grain and gluten-free, making it perfect for dogs susceptible to allergies and having sensitive GI tracts.Venison and Squash Recipe by JustFoodForDogs

The rich protein and low-fat content helps in weight management. The recipe is free of hormones, artificial colors, flavors or any form of preservatives. It is quite apt for adult dogs who require a low-calorie diet.

Price: This Venison based protein recipe costs around $11.95 for an 8oz pack and $42.45 for a 72oz pack. 

Beef and Russet Potato
Chicken and White Rice
Fish and Sweet Potato
Lamb and Brown Rice
Turkey and Whole Wheat Macaroni
Venison and Squash
Crude Protein (min.)
Crude Fat (min.)
Crude Fiber (max.)
Moisture (max.)
Calorie Content (per kg)
1517 kcals
1375 kcals
980 kcals
1584 kcals
1522 kcals
1022 kcals

How to Get Started with JustFoodForDogs?

If you are looking out to get your dog’s food delivered right at your doorstep without you having to take the hassles of going to a pet store or preparing your dog’s meals, then JustFoodForDogs is the right stop for you. Here are a set of guidelines you can follow to be a part of the JustFood’s clan.

Step 1: Choose the type of food you prefer for your pet, the fresh frozen range being the most common and loved dog food. They have a range of recipes to choose from. Select any one based on your dog’s needs and likings.Fresh Frozen Recipe Range offered by JustFoodforDogs

Step 2: The details of the recipe are mentioned. It also comes with a calorie calculator. Here you can provide your dog’s details to know the exact amount of calories your dog requires in a day, so you can feed and order the dog food accordingly.

JustFoodForDogs Calculates daily calories needed by your pet

Step 3: Choose from the range of packages, either 18oz or 72 oz, as per your dog’s daily feeding requirements. You can add the product to the cart and choose to subscribe to their meals thereafter.

Choose from 2 sizes for each recipe by JustFoods

Step 4: If you want to order the package only once, you can choose the ‘no, thank you’ option. When you choose the auto-ship option, you will be billed on a recurring basis for automatic deliveries until you cancel (don’t forget to check the box to keep getting recurring deliveries). You can choose to have the food delivered to you in every 1, 2, 4 or 8 weeks.

Autoship Options in JustFoodForDogs

Step 5: Proceed to check-out wherein your address and payment details can be shared and get ready to receive food full of health, happiness, and nutrition.

You can also purchase JustFoodForDogs at a local pet store near you. Just simply add your zip code and JustFoodForDogs helps you locate multiple stores in the nearest radius.

What’s More in the Store?

JustFoodForDogs are not just about fresh, frozen Foods but extend a lot more beyond that. Read below to find out.

  • Pantry Fresh

The goodness of taste, freshness and effortless convenience, the Pantry Fresh range of JustFoodforDogs contains 100% Human Grade Ingredients with no preservatives and no feed grade fillers.

JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh Range

Pantry Fresh uses a unique method of cooking, that is at low heat under pressure. The meal is inside the package while it is cooked which retains the nutrients and enhances the taste of the dog food altogether.

The pantry fresh range of dog foods comes in 4 delicious flavors:

    • Chicken and White Rice,
    • Beef and Russet Potato,
    • Turkey and Whole Wheat Macaroni
    • Lamb and Brown Rice.

These meals have a high shelf life and require refrigeration only after opening the pack.

  • Vet Support

Vet Support meals only work on a prescription from your dog’s veterinarian before the food is shipped. JustFood has a comprehensive range of whole food prescription dog food, curated specifically for dogs with health conditions.

Vet Formulated Meals by JustFoodForDogs

There is a range of 8 prescription diets for your pet to live a longer and fuller life:

    • Balanced Remedy
    • Critical Care Support
    •  Derm Support Fish
    •  Hepatic Support Low Fat
    • Joint and Skin Support
    • Metabolic Support Low Fat
    • Renal Support Low Protein
    • Renal Support for Moderate Protein

Each of these diets has a different nutritional composition and is made to cure different health purposes for your pet.

  • DIY Meals

JustFoodForDogs believes in the sole objective of keeping your dog healthy and living longer. Your pet should benefit from each ingredient and recipe blend that is curated specifically for them. And for your convenience, JustFoodForDogs also shares the recipes with dog parents. These recipes feel like making homemade food for your pet with vet recommended recipes.

DIY Recipes

The contents of the DIY meal kit for your pooch include:

    • Recipe for one of the daily meals
    • Shopping List
    • Feeding guideline as per your dog’s daily caloric intake
    • Specially formulated nutrient blend

DIY Meals also offer a range of recipes to choose from and prepare for your fur friend: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Turkey, Venison. Unleash the love for your pet with homemade meals.

  • Dog Treats

Freshly prepared in open kitchens, treats are a good way to give your dog a change from their routine diet. Moreover, the treats are of premium quality and made with human-grade ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Range of Treats by JustFoodForDogs

Your dog will surely have his tail wagging with the variety of flavors JustFoodForDogs has. Here are a few flavors to mention:

    • Beef Liver Treats
    • Chicken Apple Bark Treats
    • Chicken Breast Treats
    • Pumpkin Treats
    • Salmon Bark Treats for Dogs
    • Venison Treats
    • Beef Brisket Treats

Why Buy JustFoodForDogs For My Pet?

If you are not sure that JustFoodForDogs is the right meal for your pet, we help you enlist a few reasons why you should choose this whole and nourishing food.

Choose JustFoodForDogs for your pet

  • Made with USDA Certified Ingredients
  • No Feed Grade Ingredients
  • Vet Developed Nutrients Blends
  • No Fillers or By-Products
  • No preservatives
  • Offer a range of DIY recipes for you to customize
  • Unique dietary recommendations as per your pet’s specifications
  • Continual research to formulate quality dog food for your pet
  • Ease of ordering and delivery

What Could Be Better?

Unlike other dog food delivery services like NomNomNow and Farmer’s Dog, JustFoods’s do not determine the portion sizes for feeding your pet. Meals from other counterparts arrive in ‘ready to serve’ packets and are measured as per your dog’s required daily intake.

You may have to make use of a calorie calculator to determine how much to feed your pet. Moreover, they charge you a heavy consultation fee to make customized meal plans for your dog, which can pinch your pockets.

Although certain vet formulated recipes are heavily priced, the fresh frozen food and range of treats they offer are good. They also use minimal packaging and the food is packed in large bags before it is delivered to you in insulated boxes.

They also avoid using extra packaging for every meal portion which is a good move.


1. Is the whole food diet better than processed kibble or canned food?

Whole food diet is unprocessed, bioavailable, and rich in nutrients in their natural state. The ingredients are 100% safe for human consumption and the meats used in whole foods are also USDA Certified. Moreover, they are easy to ingest too.

In comparison, processed kibble and canned food contains numerous chemicals and preservatives, overcooked meat, and can be difficult to ingest. This can cause allergies and unwanted reactions in your pet.

Hence, a lot of users are preferring whole foods that have their nutrients intact and contain zero additives or preservatives, thereby causing no adverse reactions to your pet.

2. Is JustFoodForDogs available without a subscription?

JustFoodForDogs is available without a subscription. You can choose to order single 18 oz or 72 oz packets without selecting the auto-ship option. Moreover, you can also find JustFoodForDogs in pet food stores near you.

3. How can you store JustFoodForDogs after delivery?

The fresh food is immediately frozen after cooking to retain the nutrients and delivered to you in insulated ice boxes for the food to remain fresh for hours.

Once you have received the order, you can store the food in the freezer and thaw it in the refrigerator, a few hours before your dog’s mealtime. The food in the freezer can last for up to 1 year.

4. How long does it take for JustFoodForDogs to deliver?

Once you have placed the order, you can check the estimated delivery details in the checkout section. JustFoodForDogs delivers across 50 states and the time of delivery varies from region to region.

If you need your package urgently, you can see the faster shipping options available during checkout, i.e. a quick one or two-day delivery option or Express Delivery.

The Final Word

JustFoodForDogs focusses on providing premium quality fresh frozen dog food, for your canine to live longer, healthier and happier. With their team of 14 vets and nutritionists, JustFoodForDogs focusses on continual research to formulate innovative recipes that are not only tasty but particularly advised for specific health conditions.

Healthy and Happy Pet with JustFoodForDogs

They have a range of doggy formulations to offer, right from fresh frozen, to DIY recipes to dog treats and specific vet formulations. Although JustFoodForDogs could have made it easier for users in terms of feeding recommendations and portion sizes, the range of flavors they offer at a convenient price and ease of delivery makes us overlook the cons. As an alternative, you can consider Nom Nom Now which the best brand available.

Choose the best and wholesome food for your pet, with JustFoodForDogs, that promises ‘Just Love and ‘Just Health’ for your four-legged friend.