Evermore Dog Food Reviews of 2020 | With Ingredient Breakdown

We reviewed the Evermore dog foods with the help of our experts, veterinarians, Cooper (a labrador) and his fellow doggo friends to find an unbiased and frank review.

The Evermore fresh dog food may not be as popular as The Farmer’s Dog, NomNomNow, Pet Plate, Ollie, but provides good quality food freshly delivered to your door. And to actually find out the quality, our team of experts analyzed and tried & tested with our doggo friends to find the true nutritional value, taste, and freshness of the food.

Go through the complete article to find out about Evermore pet food and its recipes, ingredients, subscription, and other details.Evermore Pet Food

Evermore Dog Food Reviews of 2020

The Evermore dog food is a fresh dog food that is either delivered frozen to your home, or you can even purchase it from the retail stores where it is available. The company is owned by two women; one of them is a trained-health supportive chef and another woman is long-term dog care professional. This makes their food not only healthy and nutritious but also very delicious.

To prove the claim of their food being human-grade, the owners of the company ate Evermore dog food daily for an entire month. After one month got completed, they had no problem with their health or well being, which ultimately proved the company’s claim of the food to be of high quality and human-grade in addition to being nutritionally complete and balanced.

Key features

  • Evermore Dog Food FeaturesFree-range antibiotic-free chicken and turkey, that are fed non-GMO diet, used in the ingredients
  • The beef and lamb meat is sourced from 100% grass-fed farms that are raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones
  • Pasture-raised organic eggs used in all the recipes
  • Minimal processing to maintain the nutritional values of the ingredients
  • Gently cooked at low heat to improve the digestibility
  • USDA/FDA inspected kitchen
  • All ingredients are sourced from the US
  • The fruit, veggies, and grains used in the recipe are organic and GMO-free


  • At Evermore, you can also order the food on one-time as well as a subscription basis
  • Complete and balanced dog food with added supplements in minimal amounts to fulfill the minimum requirements recommended by AAFCO
  • Four different recipes provided to suit the taste requirements of even the pickiest dogs
  • Every batch of food is lab-tested to ensure the food is delicious, nutritionally complete, and free of pathogens


  • Realtime interactive personalized subscription not available, you have to first fill the subscription planner and then Evermore will make the personalized dog food accordingly
  • The Evermore pet food is expensive as compared to a few of the popular dog food delivery companies

Evermore Pet Food Ingredients & Recipes

Evermore offers four different recipes that are chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey. From these recipes, the lamb and turkey recipes are grain-free.

Evermore ingredients Breakdown


60% part of the recipe is the high-quality protein that is sourced from humanely raised, hormone-free and antibiotic-free chicken & turkey or pasture-raised eggs. The beef and lamb are sourced from farms that are entirely grass-fed. Besides being humanely raised, the meat that we source is USDA-inspected to assure the quality.

Fruits and Veggies

The recipe contains a total proportion of 30% as produce that is sourced from organic fresh farms grown in CA & Pacific Northwest and the wild blueberries are sourced from Maine.

Other ingredients are a wide colorful array of antioxidant and nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits like organically grown sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, apples, dandelion greens, and parsley.

  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a good source of fibers, vitamins, and minerals. It also exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The high amount of dietary fiber make it soothing to the digestive tract. Moreover, they are also a good source of cancer-fighting pigment — beta-carotene, heart-healthy vitamin B6 and potassium, vitamin E and C, which increase immunity and prevent disease.
  • Carrots: Carrots are known to be healthy for eyes and skin. The high dietary fiber content in it also helps in reducing cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Moreover, they are also known for having capabilities like anti-aging and anti-cancer, which increases the longevity of dogs.
  • Kale: Kale is a superfood for dogs that boosts their immunity and provide antioxidants that prevent cell damage. This highly nutritious vegetable also has anti-inflammatory properties with high amounts of vitamin K which plays an important role in blood and bone health. Additionally, it contains phytochemicals that have anti-cancer properties that block cancer-causing substances from reaching their targets and it also suppresses tumor growth.
  • Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, this holds true for canines as well and you have to pay fewer visits to the veterinarian. Apple is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and soluble dietary fiber. They also contain flavonol in high amounts that helps detoxify the liver. The peel contains quercetin that boosts immunity and helps your pooch in fighting and preventing any disease.
  • Dandelion: Green veggies like dandelion stimulate appetite and encourage digestion particularly for dogs who are prone to upset stomach. Dandelion also acts as a mild natural diuretic that purifies the blood that detoxifies the liver and kidney. In addition to this, they are also rich in fiber, vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.
  • Blueberries: Blueberries contain calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin C and K. They are also packed with antioxidants that have anti-aging properties. Due to these constituents, it boosts the immune system and prevents infection.
  • Parsley: Parsley is a popular herb that is the powerhouse of vitamins C, Am and K. Parsley is also high in fiber that helps it in improving digestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also known to benefit arthritic dogs. Moreover, its antimicrobial properties help prevent bacteria & germs and freshens up the dog’s breath.

Evermore Ingredients Source


Grains are also added in the chicken and beef recipes in beneficial quantities and not fillers.

Cereals play an important part in canine’s diet if added in essential amounts. Organic oats and barley are added in the chicken and beef recipes only and comprise no more than 5% of the entire proportion. These cereals are also valuable in providing dietary fiber as well as GI and cardiovascular support.

  • Oat: Oats are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which slows down digestion and helps stabilize blood sugar. It adds bulk to stools that help it in moving swiftly through the GI tract and reducing the contact time with the potential toxins in the colon. It also promotes good intestinal bacteria that help in digestion.
    Moreover, oats also have cardiovascular benefits, and the traces of selenium present in it promoting healthy liver function and helps in preventing cancer.
  • Barley: Barley is the richest source of beta-glucan fiber which has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It is also one of the richest sources of chromium that helps in maintaining proper glucose levels in canines.
    Other antioxidants such as quercetin, phenolic acids, and selenium are present in it that protect against damage to cells.
    It also contains oils that help in preventing heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer.


A total of 2% of nutritious oils are added to the recipe. Nutritious oils present in any recipe support the immune system and minimize inflammation. It also helps in maintaining a healthy and shinier coat. These nutritious oils that are added to the recipe include essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that provide anti-inflammatory benefits and improve joint mobility in addition to supporting the immune system and making shiny coats.

Nutritious Oils

  • Fish Oil:

The fish oil that is added to the recipe is sourced from walleye pollock fish which is MSC-certified. It contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation that treats allergies ad lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.
Fish Oil also makes healthier skin and a shinier coat.

  • Safflower Oil:

High linoleic non-GMO safflower oil is added to this recipe. The omega-6 fatty acids present in it promotes healthy skin and coat. It also helps in burning the body fat instead of accumulating it. Moreover, the proper proportion of safflower oil is added to that recipe so that appropriate omega-3:omega-6 ratio is maintained.

Herbs & Botanicals

2% of the total proportion is natural boosters in this recipe that are rich in antioxidants. The herbs and botanicals such as organic kelp, pumpkin seeds, and alfalfa are added into powder form for easier digestion. These antioxidant-rich and alkalizing ingredients detoxify the body and provide a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.


The food already contains a wide variety of nutritious ingredients/ However, Evermore also adds minimal food-grade supplements to their recipes to meet the AAFCO’s minimum requirement for a complete and balanced diet.

Chicken Recipe

Evermore Chicken RecipeThe chicken recipe provided by Evermore is one of the best recipes for the pickiest pooches. The first ingredient, chicken, is a lean protein source that is ideal for both muscle gain and weight management.

Calories: 32 kcal/oz (as fed), 123 kcal/oz (dry matter)

In addition to chicken meat, organs such as Chicken heart and chicken liver are added which makes it nutritionally great. The chicken heart is a good source of zinc which boosts immunity in dogs. On the other hand, chicken livers contain high levels of vitamin A which is healthy for eyes and also contributes to healthy skin, digestion and immunity.

The chicken recipe has high crude fiber (i.e. 2.5% as fed and 0.6% on a dry matter basis), this makes it easily digestible.

Beef Recipe

Evermore Beef RecipeIn this recipe, the first ingredient is Beef which is rich in vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for nearly every system in the body. In addition to being rich in B vitamins, it also contains highly bioavailable forms of zinc, iron, and vitamin D. Other minerals like copper, phosphorus, magnesium, nickel, chromium, selenium, and cobalt are also present in significant levels.

Calories: 40 Kcal per oz. (as fed) and 133 Kcal per oz. (dry matter)

In addition to beef meat, nutrition-rich organs like beef liver and beef hearts are also added. Beef hearts are high in collagen and elastin that keeps skin healthy and is also known to boost energy levels.

Moreover, the beef recipe has the highest moisture content (30.1% dry matter). The high ash content (1.5% as fed) makes it rich in nutritious minerals that are beneficial in many ways.

Grain-Free Recipes

The lamb and turkey recipes provided by Evermore are grain-free. This is perfect for pooches who are either allergic to wheat (or intolerant to gluten), have celiac disease, or dogs that do not prefer grains in their food.

Lamb RecipeEvermore Lamb Recipe

The lamb recipe has the highest crude fat which is 36.3% when measured as dry matter and 10% as fed. The lamb recipe is one of the best alternatives for pooches who don’t like chicken or beef.

Calories: 39 Kcal per oz. (as fed) and 144 Kcal per oz. (dry matter)

The first, lamb meat, is sourced from 100% grass-fed farms lambs from New Zealand is GAP step 4 certified and humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. In addition to the muscle meat, lamb liver and hearts are also added that are very beneficial nutritionally.

Turkey Recipe

Evermore Turkey Recipe

The turkey recipe is also one of the best alternatives for the canines who are allergic or do not prefer chicken and beef.

Calories: 32 Kcal per oz. (as fed) and 127 Kcal per oz. (dry matter)

This recipe has the highest moisture content (74.9% as fed) which not only increases the water intake but also makes it easier to chew the food. It also has the highest amount of crude protein (53.8% dry matter and 13.5% as fed). Moreover, the high ash content make this recipe nutritionally rich in essential minerals.

Where to Buy Evermore Dog Food?

Evermore provides retail and online store options from where you can purchase their dog food. If there is no store available in your area, then you can order the Evermore dog food from the online store anywhere in the continental US.

One-Time Purchase

Unlike other fresh dog food services, you can purchase from Evermore on a non-subscription basis.

It also provides sample packages so that you can try their recipes if you are not sure that which one your pet would like.


Duo SamplerIn duo sampler, you get two packets one pound each of Evermore fresh dog food that is delivered on a non-subscription basis. While ordering, you can choose to order any two recipes or repeat a single recipe from Beef, Chicken, Turkey, or Lamb.


In tri-sampler, you can get three packets one pound each of fresh dog food. While ordering, you can choose any three recipes from Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Turkey.


Similar to the other two sample packets, in quad-sampler, you get four packets one pound each of fresh dog food. While ordering the quad-sampler, you get all four recipes in this order.

Small Case

You can order the small case when you are certain that your pooch likes the Evermore dog food recipes. You can even select different combinations of recipes based on your fido’s choice. On ordering small case, you get 8 packets of dog food one pounds each.

Large Case (also available on subscription)

Large caseJust like the small case, you can select different combinations of recipes from Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb. On ordering this, you get 16 packets of fresh dog food. The large case is also available to order on a subscription basis.

evermore also provides a large case discount every time on ordering this package.


For automatic subscription, Evermore also provides the facility to subscribe to its fresh dog food. You get the option to deliver the food from every week to once in 18 weeks. On ordering this recipe, you get 16 packets of fresh dog food delivered to you.

Moreover, on subscribing, you get free shipping in addition to the 5% large case discount.

Personalized Subscription Planner

Evermore Subscription PlannerEvery dog is different and the feeding guidelines are based on general rules, so you may need to make adjustments based on observing your pup’s weight and body condition over time.

Evermore provides a subscription planner if you want to subscribe to their fresh dog food which is personalized for your pooch.

You can select the interval of when you want the Evermore fresh dog food to be delivered for the personalized subscription. You can even choose to customize the shipment to include more than 16 packets at a time.
The subscriptions consist of large cases on auto-ship with free shipping on the time interval 1 week to 18 weeks depending upon your choice.

Buy From a Retail Store

You can even purchase the Evermore dog food from a retail store. If you live in New York Metropolitan Area, CT, and MA, Bay Area and Carmel in CA, then there are high chances that you’ll find a retail store that sells Evermore pet food. You can find a nearby store in your region from Evermore’s website. If there is no store in your region then you can order fresh dog food from their online store.


Evermore provides fresh dog foods in different sizes (quantities of packets) to order. If you order the large case; then it would cost you around $11 per pouch of 1 lb each. Price per pouch will be higher if you order a small case or sampler packets.

The Final Word

The Evermore fresh dog food is considerably expensive as compared to other fresh dog food delivery services including Nom Nom but the price can be neglected if you consider the quality, taste and the nutritious value of the food.