The 15 Best Fresh Dog Food Subscription Boxes for 2020

After extensive research and trying out the foods with pet dogs, we came up with the unbiased reviews of the 15 best fresh dog food subscription boxes of 2020.

Having to nurture a dog along with managing some time off to prepare his meals and handle your own daily routine. Sounds like too much in one plate?

How about giving your dog fixed meals that provide quality nutrition and taste, all in one box? These dog meal boxes not only have an appropriate portion size as per your pet’s requirements, but it also allows you to customize and curate your own dog meals. The cherry to the cake is, these boxes are delivered right to your doorstep.

Curated and fixed proportionate meals help in several ways. It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet, generates good eating habits, it is pure and free of adulterants or additives, and the best part, is convenient to the dog as well as his owner.

The 15 Best Fresh Dog Food Subscription Boxes of 2020

Best Dog Food Subscription Box

Food subscription boxes offer meals hard for your dog to resist. There are a variety of flavors and recipes available to suit your pet’s preferences. These food boxes promise to deliver freshness and nutrition right at your doorstep. These boxes are easier, faster and come with a good shelf life.

There are a number of subscription plans available. We help you choose the best fresh dog food subscription boxes for your pooch to get the best nutrition, all at your convenience and budget. They are also The Best Dog Food Delivery Brands.

1. Ollie

Ollie is a premium brand that offers human-grade ingredients sourced from the best farms in the US and Australia. Your dog is bound to feel more agile, with fewer allergies, a shinier coat, and healthier weight. The fruits and veggies are gently cooked to preserve their nutrition. It comprises of chia seeds, which are full of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Ollie Dog Food Boxes

Ollie food boxes come in 4 lip-smacking flavors, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Lamb, each of them having a unique blend of nutrition and taste.

How It Works 

All you have to do is, mention a few details about your pooch, their age, weight, breed, allergies, etc. Based on your dog’s profile, Ollie tailor-makes your dog’s meals based on their daily calorific needs and portion sizes. The food is delivered right at your doorstep with flexible delivery schedules.Ollie's Customized and Tasty Beef Recipe

Make sure to store the food packs in the freezer and thaw them before serving. The food boxes also come with a scooper and a ‘puptainer’ and Ollie lid for the convenience of storing and keeping the food fresh. Ollie has recently redesigned their packaging to offer more food in fewer shipments and boxes.

FACT: It is also The Best Raw Dog Food Suppliers of USA

Price: Starts at $3/day based on your dog’s size.

2. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog understands how important it is to care and maintain your pet’s health. This dog food subscription service delivers balanced and simple food with the wholeness of science and made with love. The dog food comprises of human-grade meat and veggies, with simple recipes curated for your pooch.

Farmer's Dog Food comprises of wholesome ingredients Following USDA standards and a nutritive quality approved by AAFCO, the ingredients are sourced with perfection and assure safety and quality. This quality is never found in a store, and the food is directly reached to you, with no middlemen, and no compromise on freshness and nutritive ingredients.

Your dog’s food is free of preservatives, meal powders, brown pellets, and false labels.

How it works

The Farmer’s Dog meal plans are formulated by vets and pet experts. Just provide your dog’s basic details and you can have customized vet-designed plans to suit your dog’s calorific needs. The meals are pre-made and pre-portioned. These foods are not frozen or preserved, rather freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep.

Pre-proportioned dog meals

Store them in the refrigerator and serve as per your dog’s schedule. The flexible and perfectly timed delivery make sure you never run out of stock. The Farmer’s Dog offers nationwide delivery with eco-friendly packaging, too.

Price: Starts at $2/day based on your dog’s size.

3. Pet Plate

Pet Plate is ‘one of its kind’ subscription service which offers food that guarantees the 4 features: Quality, Health, Convenience, and Taste. The dog meal comprises of human-grade ingredients and prepared in a USDA facility. With personally curated meals by their expert vets, your pup is certain to feel fitter and better with the meal.

It is convenient to feed, with pre-cooked meals properly portioned in resealable containers, keeping them fresh and easy to store. Pet Plate offers a range of benefits, better poops, lesser allergies, shinier coats, maintained weights, and the list goes on…..Pet Plate Wholesome Meals for Dogs

Pet Plate dog food boxes are available in 4 delicious mouth-watering flavors, Barkin’ Beef, Chomping Chicken, Lip Lickin’ Lamb and Tail Waggin’ Turkey. The recipes are so tasty, they promise to make even the pickiest dog drool over their food.

How it Works

Pet Plate starts by sharing our dog’s unique characteristics. Post this, they guarantee nutritious and human-grade meals made in USDA facilities. This retains the quality and freshness. The same is delivered to your doorstep without any hassles.

Pre-sized meals by Pet Plate Food Boxes

The meals are delivered in recyclable boxes with proper portion sizes. All you have to do is open the seal and serve, fresh food.

Price: Starts at less than $3/day based on your dog’s size.

4. NomNomNow

NomNomNow’s dog food boxes formulate customized meals to meet the specific calorific needs of your dog. Be of any size, shape or breed, NomNomNow also helps select the best meal plans as per your dog’s specifications with recommendations from their veterinary nutritionists and experts

Half portions mean you can mix it with your dog’s daily food, as an additional supplement. The meals are prepared in fresh kitchen facilities. They use dry and insulated liners for storage incase the delivery is delayed or you could not receive it.

Delicious Flavors offered by NomNomNow

You can choose up to 2 recipes from a range of meals to receive in your dog’s meal box and try for your pet. The flavors include Beef Mash, Turkey Fare, Chicken Chow, and Pork Potluck, all ingredients being USDA certified. They also offer flexible delivery options for weekly, 2 weeks and 4 weeks basis. 

How it works

You can start by filling your dog’s details, majorly his name, breed, age, and weight. You will be asked about your dog being overweight, or underweight. Choose to take either full portions or half portions as per your dog’s nutritional requirements. You can also choose a treat for your pet in the package by adding just another $15.

NomNomNow food delivery options

NomNomNow offers you flexible delivery options of 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks, so you are never out of stock. And if at all you miss it, they store the food for you in insulated ice liners until it reaches you safely.

Price: It depends on the size of your dog and the plans you choose. A 4-week subscription can cost you up to approximately $3/day.

5. Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango offer fresh and cooked meals, ready to serve in a jiffy. It comprises a proper blend and proportion of fruits, veggies, berries, grains, and most importantly no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Spot and Tango’s versatile team of veterinary nutritionists and pet experts curate personalized meal plans for your pet’s unique needs. This meal box is a perfect combination of a Complete and Balanced Meal and meets the nutritional levels established by AAFCO.Spot and Tango Dog Food Flavours

The brilliant texture and lip-smacking range of flavors makes it hard for your dog to resist eating. Spot and Tango offer 3 unique and appealing flavors, Turkey and Red Quinoa, Lamb and Brown Rice, Beef and Millet.

How do they benefit your pet? Better digestion, improved and shinier coat, reduces dander, manages your dog’s weight. With such a lot to offer in a single meal, no dog owner can resist.

How it works

You start by telling about yourself and your pet, and your dog’s specifications. Following this, Spot and Tango recommends the best recipes to suit your doggy’s taste and needs.

Spot and Tango subscription boxes

All you have to do is, choose the best meal plan. You can set recurring delivery options. Once delivered, defrost, open the seal and you are good to go.

Price: Starts at less than $1/day based on your dog’s size.

6. Chewy Dog Food Autoship Plans

Chewy dog Food auto-ship programs let you choose from a range of dog foods, be it grain-free, limited ingredient or doggy treats. Each of them has its specific recipes and Chewy helps you choose from a variety of brands as per your dog’s preferences.

Chewy Autoship Food Boxes

You can change or cancel the subscription anytime through Chewy. Never run out of stock with their flexible deliveries through their autoship plans. From biscuits to high-quality recipes to doggy treats, they have it all.

How it works

Order your dog’s food through chewy and save huge bucks on your dog’s monthly stock of food. Simply add the dog food you need in the cart and choose the autoship option to keep receiving the food on a monthly basis.

Price: You can save an extra 5-10% with the auto-ship orders after choosing from a range of dog food available on chewy.

7. (U.K. and France) is ‘just right’ when it comes to your dog’s meal portions, nutrition and taste. The recipe blend is tailor-made to suit your dog’s taste. The portions are equally divided, all you have to do is scoop and feed.

The recipes are made as per your dog’s preferences, chicken or fish, grain or no grain? You can also choose the health benefits you expect to see from your dog’s food. Each unique recipe has the right blend of fiber, protein, fats, and nutrients, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. range of tasty food offers a range of dog foods to choose from, dry kibble being a blend of meat and fish protein, carbohydrates from fresh vegetables and grains, and essential vitamins and minerals.

They also offer tasty and delicious wet food, with 3 main flavors containing your choice of meat, tasty jellies, hearty gravies, and meaty pates. Offer treats from to make the food appealing and interesting.

How it works

Fill in your dog’s details and’s algorithms set the best recipes for your dog; they are bound to love it. You can start with a free trial and choose to subscribe later.

Price: Depends on your dog’s size

8. CaliRaw

CaliRaw offers premium raw dog food which is curated to have a balanced set of nutrients and promises better health and longevity in your pet. They have a range of pet food formulas to offer, based on the nutritional needs of each age group and breed.Caliraw's Tasty Turkey Recipe

To name a few, there is Chicken Formula, Turkey Formula, Beef Formula, Lamb Formula, and specific Puppy Formulas which are a blend of chicken with beef and turkey with lamb. Each of these formulas has a proper proportion of protein, carbohydrates, and trace vitamins and minerals for the best of your dog’s health.

CaliRaw has a range of subscription boxes to offer, ranging from, adult subscription boxes, puppy subscription boxes, and bulk bag subscription boxes based on your dog’s breed and needs.

How it works

For adult formulas, choose from a range of flavors CaliRaw has to offer. The food comes in 1lb resealable bags which makes it convenient to feed and store, portion-wise. You can choose from a size range of 12-36lbs.

The subscription boxes can be delivered on a weekly to even a 3 monthly basis, the delivery schedules being very flexible. You can customize the box with the type of protein your dog needs, which also helps in giving your dog variety.

Price: Starts at $62.50/box. Puppy subscription boxes start at $65/box.

9. JustFoodForDogs

JustFoodForDogs provides ‘more and more’, meaning, more life, more years and more love. JustFoodForDogs promises visible changes in your pet within 2 weeks. It claims to be the number 1 vet-recommended food for dogs and has successfully conducted and passed the AAFCO feeding trials. In comparison to traditional dog food, they use superior quality ingredients and is easier to digest.More Life and Health with JustFoods

JustFood carries out continuous research across multiple universities to prepare healthy food each day. The range of recipes promotes the healthy functioning of the immune system, with no artificial fillers or preservatives. It is made of pure USDA certified ingredients.

How it works

Choose from a range of recipes they have to offer which consist of a calculated calorific value. You can have it delivered every week or every 2, 4 and 8 weeks.

Price: Starts at $4.95 based on the recipes you choose and the quantity.

10. Darwin’s

Darwin’s Dog food subscription boxes are specially formulated by pet experts to fulfill your pet’s nutritional demands through all stages of life. The diet is designed appropriately as per different dog species without any artificial fillers or ingredients.

Darwin’s dog food uses the highest quality meat and veggies which are human-grade quality and inspected by USDA standards as well as fulfill AAFCO guidelines.

Darwin's Natural Selections Recipe

Darwin’s dog foods are available in 3 variants, Natural Selections, Biologics and Intelligent Design each having their unique blend of ingredients. Biologics is a more economical and value-based meal whereas Intelligent Design is made to provide extra support to dogs facing health issues.

The dog food pack also comprises of trace minerals and vitamins from natural sources, along with 75% protein and 25% fresh vegetables.

How it works

You can start by filling your dog’s details, their expected adult weight. As per your dog’s weight, Darwin’s recommends a portion size and the meal plan that you can choose for your pet. The order can be modified or canceled anytime.

Darwin's Dog Food Boxes

One unique thing about Darwin’s is they let you choose the type of meat as per your dog’s preferences and if he’s allergic or sensitive. You can choose from beef, chicken, and turkey. Opt for a weekly delivery schedule or stock up for 2 weeks or more.

Price: Starts from $4.95/lbs as per your dog’s size.

11. Lucky Dog Cuisine

Lucky Dog Cuisine is an all-natural handmade and human-grade quality dog food. They believe in handmade high-quality nutritious food prepared in small batches for safety and purity concerns. Lucky Dog Cuisine helps in improving your dog’s immune system and reduce the frequency of allergies.

Tasty and Delicious Lucky Dog Cuisine

They have a range of flavors to offer, all of them having a different source of protein and different nutritive ratios as per your dog’s requirements. The flavors majorly include Original Beef and Rice, Bugsy’s Best Beef and Barley, Perfect Pooch Pasta, Tail-Waggin’ Turkey, Here Fishy Fishy, Picky Palate Pork, Turkey ‘N Taters.

Each recipe has a unique feature and varied list of ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, fresh yogurts and cheeses, and non-GMO fruits and vegetables. It does not comprise additives like restaurant grease, expired meats, and dairy and parts of diseased animals that are usually found in dog food.

How it works

You can start with an introductory pack of $69 a month, wherein you can customize the order or try all the flavors which are evenly distributed in up to a total of 14lbs which lasts for a month.

Lucky Dog Cuisine's Range of Dog Food

You can also mention if your dog is allergic to or does not prefer any particular ingredient. Lucky Dog Cuisine is delivered to you every 4 weeks, fresh from their kitchen.

Price: Starts at $149/month.

12. Great Lakes Pet Food

Great Lakes Pet Food services understand your dog’s digestive system and nutritional needs. They have meals formulated for dogs belonging to all life stages as well as for puppies.

Great Lakes Pet Food

Most of their meals include pork as it has easy digestibility as compared to other protein sources. It is free of chicken protein as well as grain-free. It comprises chicken fat and is best recommended for dogs prone to allergies.

They have a range of meals available, starting from the grain-free pork meal, to the pork and chicken blend, and also puppy starter packs and meat treats. All ingredients are tested in USDA made facilities.

How it works

Great Lakes Pet Food offers a size range of 20-40lbs. Simply select the meal blend or treat you want, add it to the cart and you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

Price: 20lbs of grain-free pork formula starts at $44.95/month. Whereas, the pork and chicken blend starts at $42.95/month for the same size. The meat treats cost around $6.99 a bag

13. SnapWag

SnapWag is a specifically crafted meal for dog lovers, by dog lovers. Snapwag Dog food services understand how important it is to feed your dog a proper diet. They aim to create affordable, and craft style food in small batches to assure quality, nutrition, and purity.SnapWag's Delicious Chicken Recipe

SnapWag makes sure to not add anything that your dog dislikes, be it grains or any other additives. Their comprehensive nutritional profile meets all life stage requirements with high protein quality fortified with vitamins and nutrients. The food is also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin Sulfate.

How it works

SnapWag comes in two delicious recipes, Whitefish meal and Duck meal and Chicken Meal recipe. The meal is in the form of kibbles. Additionally, the trial box offers, a crafted dog food, a toy or treat, a bowl and scooper set and a ‘Shake it Pup’ dog food seasoning.SnapWag Treat and Eat Dog Food Box

The trial box includes all accessories, post which you can choose a plan that works best for you and your dog with flexible delivery options.

Price: Starts from $24.99 for a 7.5 lbs pack.

14. Real Dog Box

Treats are always a delight for any dog. And now it gets easier for you to avail with Real Dog Box’s range of treat and chew boxes. Subscribe and let your dog chew and relish to delight with the amazing range of flavors to offer, starting right from Turkey Gizzard, Salmon Skin and Chunks, Duck Feet, Beef Back strap, Lamb Trachea, etc.

How it works

Real Dog Box works on your dog’s details, sources ingredients locally, customizes them as per your dog and makes them ready to savor for your pet. A variety of proteins and meat are selected manually and air-dried in small batches.

RealDogBox Meal Plans

You can choose from the only treat box (single ingredient treats) or the treat and chew box (consisting of organ meats, muscle meat, seafood and more). Get it delivered on a monthly basis, right at your doorstep, nice and fresh.

Price: Starts at $21 for 4 weeks based on food customizations.

15. Sammy Snacks

Sammy Snacks is a small Virginia Based Company with high-quality standards. Sammy Snacks Pet Food is specially balanced for your pet’s complete health. It is tasty and provides your dog with the ultimate energy. If you want to keep your dog fit and healthy, choose Sammy Snacks.Sammy Snacks Dog Food Boxes

The dog food is cooked with premium ingredients, available in grain-free and wholesome grain varieties. You can choose from a range of meals like Chicken Meal, Lamb Meal, and Rice, and also from doggy treats like Blueberry, Cheddar, Cranberry Snackers.

How it works

Choose from a range of food blends that provide you with detailed information on the percent of nutrients and the quantity to be fed as per weight and age. Check the labels on feeding guidelines and instructions.

Price: Depends on the blend you choose. Basic prices start from $33.47/month. You can get a 10% off on subscription.

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Final Note

Being a dog parent, we understand that pet nutrition is one of the major aspects to be taken care of. Handling a busy schedule and at the same time, catering to your pet and their nutritional needs can get difficult. At the same time, you do not want them to be malnourished and rushing to the vet.

Fresh Dog Food Subscription Boxes offer tailor-made food that meets your dog’s nutritional criteria while also keeping your dog’s features and health in mind. They also offer the convenience of getting the food delivered right at your doorstep. No hassles of preparing food and no efforts of rushing to the dog store each month.

Make your life easy and enrich your dog’s food with the Best Fresh Dog Food Subscription Boxes reviewed here.