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Nutrition is an essential aspect of every living being. So when it comes to providing quality nutrition to our pets, why not choose fresh food?

So, What is Fresh Pet Food?

Fresh pet food is all about feeding your pet fresh ingredients that are sourced from the finest of places. These can include meals that are raw or cooked to perfection to maintain food quality.

Fresh Pet Food comprises of basic ingredients like chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach, etc. which are raw and fresh, and provide optimum nourishment to your dog or kitty.

Fresh Pet Food is known to be quite similar to our pet’s ancestral diets and maintains better nutrition than canned or dried food.

NomNomNow Fresh Pet Food

Why Choose Fresh Food for Dogs and Cats?

Real and optimum nutrition can be derived from natural sources. Fresh food is the road to better living and abundant health, much better than thriving on processed or canned food. Give your dog’s food a healthy makeover with a range of benefits fresh foods have to offer.

  • More Power to your Pet: Fresh foods are easy to digest and absorb in comparison to processed and canned food. Better absorption means better nutrition and more power and energy to your pet.
  • Shinier Coats: Healthy oils are a major component of fresh foods. A blend of oils offered by fresh dog food brands contributes to a glossier, shinier coat.
  • Healthier skin: Fresh Pet Food is a natural source of Vitamin B, Vitamin D, zinc and fatty acids which are remedies to soothe and treat various skin conditions in dogs and cats. Unlike multivitamins and supplements, fresh pet food provides nutrition from whole ingredients.
  • Better Vision: Fresh Food is a natural source of Vitamin A. Fresh food comprises of colorful veggies, all of which are a good source of Vitamin A.
  • Less Waste: Fresh diet is more balanced and has an appropriate amount of fiber. This makes it easy on your pet’s tummy, they use more of the fresh food, leading to lesser waste.
  • Quality of Life: Fresh food is made of real and wholesome ingredients. Your pet is bound to devour each bite rich in taste and nutrition. While fresh food does not have additives or allergies, your fur-friends are sure to live longer and healthier.
  • Peace of Mind: Fresh food is safe, with no additives, fillers, artificial colors or preservatives. You know your pet is eating just right!

What Is NomNomNow?

NomNomNow LogoNomNomNow is a dog food subscription and delivery service that believes in giving each pet fresh and best food. With their team of expert vets and nutritionists, each meal prepared and delivered by NomNomNow ensures perfectly balanced natural ingredients for your four-legged friend.

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What Does NomNomNow Offer?

NomNomNow understands what gets your pet going, it is definitely real and fresh food! The natural ingredients are sourced from the finest of places and blended together to make delicious and fresh recipes for your cats and dogs. From sourcing to cooking, to blending and packaging, NomNomNow takes care of it all. The food is curated and ‘made with love’ for your pet.

What’s more? No waiting, no going out hunting for the best food for your pet, you have it right at your doorstep. NomNomNow delivers cold, fresh, pre-portioned meals across 48 states as per your schedule.

The food is fresh and tasty, your pet is bound to get excited. Within 2 weeks, your pet has smaller stools, better absorption, and lesser waste. Your pet gets better with each passing week. shinier coat, enhanced energy levels, maintaining weight. Conclusively, a healthier pet and a happier you. It is also one of The Best Raw Dog Food Suppliers of the USA.

NomNomNow Dog Food Recipes

Dog Food Recipes

For your fido to savor onto delicious meals other than kibble, NomNomNow curates recipes to the nutritional levels established by AAFCO food nutrient profiles. If you feed your pet fresh food, they stay healthier and free of chronic diseases.

There is a range of lip-smacking recipes to choose from:

  • Beef Mash: Provides you the goodness of Beef, Potatoes, Eggs, Carrots, Peas, and Fish Oil. The recipe is rich in protein, Vitamin A and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for better vision and enhanced immunity.
  • Chicken Chow: One tasty recipe loved by all fidos; this blend has Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Squash, Spinach, and Fish Oil. This recipe has moderate protein with goodness of fresh veggies.
  • Pork Potluck: Rich and tasty, this blend has pork, potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, mushrooms, kale, and fish oil. It is rich in fiber and a delicious blend for your dog to savor.
  • Turkey Fare: Protein-rich blend having Turkey, Eggs, Brown Rice, Carrots, Spinach and Fish Oil; this recipe has the best of everything in one bowl

They are known for providing The Best Fresh Dog Food Subscription Boxes among all popular brands. NomNomNow also provides a variety pack that consists of all four recipes that are available for dogs.

NomNomNow Cat Food Recipes

Cat Food Recipes

The fresh food recipes for cats are formulated by chef veterinarians so that the diet is not only complete and nutritionally balanced for felines but they are also perfect for the pickiest eaters. Here are the different recipes for cats provided by NomNomNow:

  • Chicken Cuisine: The chicken cuisine recipe comes with the key ingredients Chicken Thigh, Chicken Breast, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Asparagus, Cantaloupe, Spinach that make it nutritionally balanced and complete. The proper blend of meat makes it rich in protein and veggies make it rich in fiber and other nutrients.
  • Fish Feast: With the key ingredients Tilapia, Salmon, Beef Fat, Yuca, Carrots, the Fish Feast is perfect for canines of all age groups. The calorific value of this recipe is higher that also make it more preferable for active canines.

Similar to the dog food recipes, a variety pack is also available for cats as well. In the variety pack for cats, you get three meal bags of both recipes each. The variety pack is perfect for pet parents who are not sure that which recipe their pet will like the most.


In addition to the main meal, NomNomNow also provides treats that can be fed to both, cats and dogs. Here the two different treats that NomNomNow has to offer:

  • Beef Jerkey: The beef jerky treats are entirely made up of single ingredient, sirloin beef, which is 100% USDA certified. It is high in protein and contains no preservatives.
  • Chicken Jerkey: The chicken jerky is made fro 100% USDA-certified chicken breast and has no preservatives, additives, or any other fillers.


Food and treats are not all that your pet will need. Depending upon your pet’s current health condition, or as per what your vet suggests, you might also need to supplement to the regular diet of your pet. And thus, NomNomNow also provides supplements for different health conditions for cats as well as dogs.:

  • For Dogs

For gut health, two different supplements for dogs are available. These probiotic supplements boost your dog’s digestive health.

    • Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs
    • GI Targeted Probiotics for Dogs

NomNomNow also provides Joint & Mobility Support supplement for Dogs that enhances dog’s joint health.

  • For Cats

Full Spectrum Probiotics for Cats is available at NomNomNow that boost cat’s overall wellness with our expertly formulated prebiotic and probiotic blend.

Gut Health Kit

Microbiome testing kit is an at-home testing kit that allows you to gauge your pet’s microbiome. NomNomNow also provides gut health kit using which you can check your pet’s gut health and understand their unique needs for their future wellness.

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Other Brands That Offer Fresh Pet Food (Competitors)

We present a list of The Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Companies for this year. Other brands alternative to NomNomNow that provide fresh pet food are as follows:

1. The Farmer’s Dog

The website of The Farmer’s Dog mentions “Dogs should eat food, not burnt brown balls” and they also abide by the same. This brand manufactures fresh dog food and delivers straight to your doors.

The food manufactured by The Farmer’s Dog is 100% human-grade and it is delivered in pre-portioned packets that make feeding very convenient.

The complete and nutritionally balanced diet is freshly made in the USDA kitchen with human-grade meat and veggies. The recipe is minimally processed and maintain whole food and nutritional integrity.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Turkey, Beef, Pork
  • Customized subscription available based on your dog’s requirement
  • Non-subscription option not available

Its human-grade food comes in human-friendly packaging that is easy to serve, all you need is just to open and pour. Higher safety standards are also maintained while making the recipe.

The recipes that you order is customized based on the details that you provide for the dog’s individual needs. Moreover, the meals are pre-made and pre-portioned and it is delivered within days of cooking and never stored on a shelf for months or deep-frozen.

2. Pet Plate

Pet Plate delivers food for dogs, which is cooked fresh with real and all-natural ingredients. The personalized meals are delivered to your door ready-to-eat.

The recipes are made with real ingredients in a human-grade kitchen with USDA meats, fruits, and veggies. Also, render meats or by-products are not used in the recipe to make it of high quality. Moreover, the ingredients are minimally processed and kettle-cooked to preserve nutritional value and flash-frozen to maintain the freshness.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Chompin’ Chicken, Barkin’ Beef, Tail Waggin’ Turkey, Lip Lickin’ Lamb
  • Non-subscription basis order not available
  • Customized subscription based on your dog’s recommendation

The fresh dog food from Pet Plate is formulated by the veterinary nutritionists makes it tasty as well as healthy. The proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals is complete & balanced for all life-stages. Moreover, the food is freshly cooked and delivered on an ongoing basis to ensure freshness and quality.

The personalized plan can be made by simply entering your pet’s information and Pet Plate will provide a personalized meal based on your dog’s requirement.

3. Grocery Pup

Grocery Pup makes premium-quality dog food that are delivered fresh to your door. Their recipes are human-grade quality and made in a unique cooking style.

Sous vide is the unique method that they use to make their recipe, ensure that the nutrients and the taste of the food remain intact while also killing harmful infection-causing pathogens.

The Grocery Pup provides three different recipes, each with different nutrient composition and taste to suit every type of dog.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Turkey Pawella, Porky’s Luau, Texas Beef Stew
  • Available on both subscription and individual bag basis
  • Personalized meal available on subscription

They also offer convenient delivery and packaging, being freezer friendly and easy to store. The food is also easy to serve, all you need is to defrost half an hour with warm water in the already sealed packets before serving.

The subscription plans are also easy to choose based on your dog’s requirements. The plans get auto-renewed and delivered if you subscribe, which you can pause or cancel them anytime.

4. Ollie

Ollie provides personalized meals for dogs on subscription based on your dog’s age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight.

The recipes and formulated by veterinarians and are safe enough for humans to eat but specially designed for dogs. The recipe is also free from any fillers, by-products, artificial preservatives, or flavors. It is well known that dogs can’t eat all human foods. They must be given dog-specific foods.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Hearty Beef Eats, Chicken Goodness, Healthy Turkey Feast, Tasty Lamb Fare
  • Available on a subscription-only basis
  • Customized subscription available

Ollie provides four recipes that are complete and nutritionally balanced to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for dogs of all life stages.

The minimally processed ingredients and whole foods in the recipe are gently cooked to preserve the natural nutrients, The meat is locally sourced from trusted farms in the USA to ensure quality and freshness.

Additionally, their recipe has added superfoods like chia seeds in a required proportion that is full of omega fatty acids beneficial in many ways.

5. Evermore

The Evermore fresh dog food may not be as popular as the brands that we have mentioned above but provides good quality food freshly delivered to your door.

It is also from very few brands that sell their meals in a retail store and thus the fresh dog food can be either delivered frozen to your home, or you can even purchase it from the retail stores where it is available.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Chicken, Beef, Lamb(Grain-free), Turkey(Grain-free)
  • Available on both subscription and non-subscription basis
  • Personalized subscription available

They provide four different recipes that are chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey. From these recipes, the lamb and turkey recipes are grain-free. These recipes contain 60% of protein from meats source and 30% of produce. Moreover, oils, herbs, and supplements are also added to increase the nutritious value of the recipes.

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The Evermore fresh dog food is considerably expensive as compared to other brands but the price can be neglected if you consider the quality, taste and the nutritious value of the food.

6. Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango provides different recipes made from a wide range of healthy ingredients, cooked fresh and ready to serve. They also give you flexible delivery options, right at your doorstep. Moreover, if your dog doesn’t like it, you get your money back.

The three different recipes available for dogs at Spot and Tango are Turkey & Red Quinoa, Beef & Millet, Lamb & Brown Rice. You can order the recipes by subscribing to them and you will get personalized meals based on your dog’s requirements.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Turkey and Red Quinoa, Beef and Millet, Lamb and Brown Rice
  • Available on a subscription-only basis
  • Customized subscription available for a personalized meal based on your dog’s requirements

Spot and Tango makes sure to provide a nutritionally balanced and complete diet that meets the AAFCO Nutrient standards and is recommended for dogs of all life stages.

Spot and Tango also offer a trial period with free deliveries. You can also opt for the Topper Plan which will help you save money and also boost your dog’s diet. However, few competitive brands also provide better meal plans and recipes at a lesser price per week.

7. JustFoodForDogs

JustFoodForDogs mentions on their website that “Give us two weeks and we will change your dog’s life forever” and they also abide by what they say. Their fresh dog food are of high quality, nutritionally rich, and delicious to keep your pooch healthy.

They have a range of doggy formulations to offer that include freshly frozen, to DIY recipes to dog treats and specific vet formulations. JustFoodForDogs also provides the widest range of dog foods as well as treats as compared to any other brand on our list.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Beef & Russet Potato, Chicken & White Rice, Fish & Sweet Potato, Lamb & Brown Rice, Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni, Venison & Squash
  • Available on non-subscription basis
  • Customized subscription also available

JustFoodForDogs is focussed on providing premium quality fresh frozen dog food that will help your pet to live longer, healthier and happier. They also focus on continual research to formulate innovative recipes that are not only tasty but particularly advised for specific health conditions.

Moreover, you can also purchase JustFoodForDogs at a local pet store near you. All you need is to add your zip code on JustFoodForDogs store locator and they’ll help you locate multiple stores in the nearest radius.

8. CaliRaw

Cali Raw provides fresh and frozen raw dog food of different recipes for all sizes of dogs. They have formulated a different recipe for puppies and adult dogs.

Carly Rat Nutrition formulates, produces, and ships fresh B.A.R.F. Diet. They provide high-quality human-grade food that is formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition. Moreover, the food is not only nutritious and delicious but also easily digestible.

Feature list:

  • Available for: Dogs
  • Recipes: Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Beef, Chicken & Beef and Turkey & Lamb Puppy Blend
  • Available in both, subscription and non-subscription basis
  • Customized subscription available or not

The ingredients are locally sourced for their quality and holistic benefits. The optimal nutrition is designed to enhance canines’ health and longevity. Moreover, in the Cali Raw diet, you won’t find any fillers, grains, preservatives, corn, dyes, gluten, starches, and synthetic vitamins.

CaliRaw also provides treats, recreational raw bones, and supplements in addition to the fresh raw dog foods.